MTable Class Reference

Allows you to generate two-column tables. More...

Public Member Functions

 addEntry ($title, $value, $override_cleanhtml="false")
 Add a new entry to the table.
 displayTable ()
 Generates the HTML of the table.

Data Fields

 $default_cleanhtml = false
 Turn on/off sanitizing HTML in the new entries.
 $default_tableprefix = "table_"
 Set the default CSS class and ID prefix.
 $default_compress = false
 Compress the outputted code, removes code formatting.
 $default_limit = 0
 Limit the number of entries.
 $default_start = 1
 Set which entry you would like to start with.

Detailed Description

Allows you to generate two-column tables.

A powerful yet easy to use class that allows you to generate two column tables quickly and with a very small footprint.

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Member Function Documentation

addEntry ( title,
override_cleanhtml = "false" 

Add a new entry to the table.

title The title of the entry
value The value of the entry
override_cleanhtml If set to true overrides $default_cleanhtml

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displayTable (  ) 

Generates the HTML of the table.

It adds all sorts of classes such as first, title, value, cell, row1, row2, entry. If compression is turned off it formats the outputted HTML with tabs and new lines.

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